music… home away from home

Back in Bacolod, my favorite radio station is Killer Bee 106.3. They played the latest R & B songs. I love Friday Madness where the play songs of the 70s, 80s but mostly 90s (sister station of Magic 89.9). When I move to Manila about 7 years ago, I tried several times to look online where I can still listen to Killer Bee to no avail. Official website is not updated and no live streaming. I also tried Radio portal but no KillerBee channel. Until a couple of days ago when my sister informed me that Killer Bee is in Ustream. We then logged in and listen. We really miss Killer Bee. I think Tony Steel (Man of Steel) is still there but most of the DJs are new I don’t know them anymore. Well, it’s been a long time. It’s comforting that we are able to connect again to the station that we grew up and love.

To all of us who misses Killer Bee, we can listen it through UStream