Bacolod sweets!

I went home to Bacolod over the weekend and again I was able to eat my Nanay’s home cooked meals.  Missed it a lot.  Chicken Inasal overload from Nong Banie’s to Nena’s. Nena’s Manokan is one of the best in Manokan Country.

But Bacolod is best known for the its yummy, mouth-watering pastries.  Every time I went to Bacolod, I never miss eating one.

Here are some of the pictures I’ve taken on different cakes, pastries while I roam around the metro.

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Central Citywalk

Working at Robinson’s Bacolod for 3 years, I did not think that the back parking can be converted into a cozy and beautiful Citywalk. This is like Serendra and Greenbelt in one. I believe this is quite new since not all of the stalls/stores are fully operational. Robinson’s did a good job in creating the back parting into place for people to hang out and enjoy!

Here are some of the pics I’ve taken of the place..

We then dinned at Moon Cafe with their sumptuous baby back ribs

To end the night, we went to Felicia’s and savour my favorite blueberry cheese cake

Come and visit Bacolod and don’t forget to drop by Robinson’s Place Central Citywalk!

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CAB Gelato

Going home to Bacolod means EATING big time. Me and my friends went to dinner last night and for our dessert, we tried Bob’s Cafe House CAB Gelato!

They have a lot of flavors. The four of us tried different 4 flavors and they are really good. We tried Pistachio, Cafe Costa de Oro, Ferrero Rocher and of course I had Blueberry Cheesecake. It is really better than ice cream! Namit!!

Different flavors of Gelato

I really enjoyed my favorite Blueberry Cheesecake!! Come visit Bob’s Pastry Shop in SM Bacolod and try CAB Gelato. It’s really worth it adding the extra pound because of these watering ice cream!