Being Single is Fun

I have read this article from Yahoo! and wanted to share this. Being single is indeed fun. While being in a relationship has its perks, being single is as what the article say ‘the most romantic situation possible’. I am can relate because I am one (lol!).

Here are the list of reasons why being single is a good thing from

1. Thy Will Be Done!

One look at those poor blokes in a relationship is enough to bring to mind the evils of slavery. A relationship is nothing but bondage, and not even the sexy kind. You constantly need to seek approval from your spouse or girlfriend for everything under the sun, from what tie you should be wearing to what food you should be eating. One can cite examples of some wretched souls who cannot even urinate without seeking permission first. Is that a kind of life you want for yourself? Being single means that you are the master of all you survey, the sole captain of your ship. You can blissfully roll out of bed in the late afternoon, without having to endure a nagging partner belting angry sopranos about your irresponsibility. No one will ever tell you to tuck your shirt in if you don’t want to. Nobody shall wish to correct you if you wish to fling your towel on the bed, and leave it there. You will be the God of your own space. Sweet, isn’t it?

2. No Awkward ‘We-Need-To-Talk’ Moments

While men around the world claim to be fearless in every respect, when it comes to talking about ‘where this relationship is going’ they all end up cowering in desolate corners, praying for their dear lives. What can one say? If this truly was a patriarchal society, then the dear patriarchs would have abolished this evaluation altogether. This situation is awkward in innumerable ways. Women borderline emotional wrecks and a single wrong gesture can have them emptying their tear glands for dear life. Let’s face it, men are averse to emotions. Neither do they indulge in crying nor can they handle criers well. Being single means never having to deal with situations like these. The only time you get to tear up is when you laugh really hard.

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Top 10 Pinoy Romantic-Comedy Movies

We Pinoys really love Rom-Com movies. list the Top 10 local romantic comedy movies. I’ve seen all 10 movies and the not so new ones still made me smile remembering them.

From Aga Muchlach, Rico Yan to John Lloyd Cruz. Enjoy these movies and don’t forget to smile!

10. Catch Me… I’m in Love (2011)
Director: Mae Cruz
Starring: Sarah Geronimo, Gerald Anderson
Cheese line: “Ang love kasi para sa inyo ay parang status lang sa Facebook, madaling palitan.”
A kid from an influential family falls for someone with a so-so background? We’ve seen that story only about a thousand times. So unfortunately, despite raking in over a hundred million in the box office last year, we had to relegate this Sarah Geronimo-Gerald Anderson flick to the 10th spot.
First Son Erick (Anderson) is as rebellious as could be. In hopes of straightening him out, the president (Christopher de Leon) employs the help of social worker Roan (Geronimo) to take him on a social immersion to deflate his head a bit. We all know what happens next: They fall in love despite the odds. Cliché? Definitely. But hey, it works. We still found ourselves gasping, squealing, sobbing, and giggling.

9. Radio Romance (1996)
Director: Jose Javier Reyes
Starring: Gelli de Belen, Paolo Abrera, Rico Yan, Claudine Barretto, Jolina Magdangal
Cheese line: Nothing stands out but Paolo Abrera on the big screen? We like.
One of the most successful local attempts at an ensemble film, Radio Romance is based on the popular real-life program where callers ring in to ask for love advice. Gelli de Belen plays Roni, the radio host and ironically very single love guru who gives romance tips for a living. Her show weaves different aspects of love—battered wife, wallflower, sawi—into one story. Busy fixing other people’s dilemmas, she forgets her own. Lucky someone else solves hers.
Wait for Gelli’s sexy and subdued radio voice, Claudine pre-tweezers, and one incredibly boyish Rico Yan (this was his first film, by the way).

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30 Most Memorable SAWI Lines

I wanted to share this post of on the most memorable SAWI (brokenhearted) lines from local films. Can you relate to these lines? You may also watched these movies over and over again.

Check these lines and enjoy.

“Pag-ibig?! Putanginang pag-ibig yan!”
—Nannete Medved in Narito ang Puso Ko (1992)

“Alam mo, nung iniwan mo ako, naging miserable ang buhay ko. Ang sabi mo ‘di mo alam yun. Hindi mo kasi naranasang maglakad sa kalye ng Japan na hindi mo alam kung saan ka pupunta. Nag-TNT ako…anim na buwan. Laging may takot sa dibdib ko na baka mahuli ako. Pero ayoko lang umuwi ng Pilipinas, dahil ayokong makita ka!”
—Kristine Hermosa in Ngayong Nandito Ka Na (2003)

“Unfair no, kapag lalaki ang nangaliwa tanggap ng lahat ng tao, pero kapag babae, makasalanan siya. Come to think of it, meron ka na bang narinig na lalaking tinawag na homewrecker o kaya e kabit?”
—Sharon Cuneta in Minsan Minahal Kita (2000)

“Baka dumating yung isang araw, pag-gising mo, baka sakaling muli pang tumibok yan para sa ‘kin.”
—Diether Ocampo in Dahil Mahal na Mahal Kita (1998)

“Gustong gusto kitang yakapin. Gustong gusto kitang halikan. Gusto ko maging tayo. Maging akin ka… Pero dahil matalik mo akong kaibigan, gusto kong mag-isip kang mabuti… Kung yan na ngayon… Dahil baka naguguluhan ka lang… Natatakot ka dahil bago pa lang kayo ni Lance… At kahit na alam ko na dahil binibigyan kita ng panahon para makapag-isip posibleng ma-realize mo na hindi pala ako ang pipiliin mo.”
—John Lloyd Cruz in Close To You (2006)

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14 Classic Movie Wedding Scenes

As romantic as we are, it’s nice to see chick flick movies. There are a lot of movies where the theme is about weddings or movies where there is an unforgettable wedding scene.

Here are some of them:

Love Actually (2003)
This fantastic British romantic comedy proves that there is a correct way to weave multiple plotlines together and talk about love. One of the film’s first scenes is the gorgeous wedding between Juliet (Keira Knightley) and Peter (Chiwetel Ejiofor). Peter’s friend Mark (Andrew Lincoln) plans the surprise of a lifetime when he gets a singer, choir, and band to perform “All You Need Is Love” — flash mob-style — in the balcony and congregation.

My Best Friend’s Wedding (1997)
Julia Roberts is the queen of wedding movies, but her most noteworthy performance has to be as Julianne Potter in My Best Friend’s Wedding. The chain-smoking, self-absorbed food critic does everything possible to destroy the wedding of her best friend Michael (Dermot Mulroney) to the peppy Kimmy (Cameron Diaz) — from indulging in some seriously cringe-worthy karaoke to kissing the groom.

But in the end she makes the most selfless decision of all and brings Michael and Kim back together to have a breathtaking wedding. The ceremony is nice, but what’s most memorable is Julianne’s maid-of-honor toast, when she allows “her song” with Michael to be the couple’s first dance (tear).

Never fear! Things end on a happy note when Julianne’s gay best friend George (Rupert Everett) shows up, and by God, there’s dancing!

The Graduate (1967)
A recent college graduate, Ben (Dustin Hoffman) starts an affair with the infamous Mrs. Robinson (Anne Bancroft), but then falls for her daughter Elaine (Katharine Ross) instead. Mrs. Robinson doesn’t take too kindly to this and practically pushes her daughter down the aisle with another suitor.

But Ben stops the wedding in the nick of time (“Elaine! Elaine!”), and the two hop a bus into the sunset … and the uncertain future.

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Ten Little Tips to Feel Happier Right Now

Ten Little Tips to Feel Happier Right Now

1. Smile. Raise the corners of your mouth. Pretty soon the smile will become genuine.

2. Breathe deeply and slowly. Focus your entire attention on each in-breath and out-breath.

3. Take a walk by yourself. Focus on each step and on your breathing.

4. Count your blessings. Make a gratitude list. Everyone has thousands of things to be thankful for.

5. Be thankful for those who serve you. Make a list of those you depend upon. Everyone has many people who help along the way. Don’t forget those who grow and deliver your food, keep your electricity and telephone running, provide emergency medical care, and protect the safety of your community and your nation.

6. Forgive someone for something right now. Release the resentment and anger. This practice is for you to become happier. Telling the other person is a bonus.

7. Stretch your body. Do yoga, do qigong, or just stand and stretch.

8. Turn on happy music and dance. Don’t stop ’til you’re tired. Maybe join a Latin Fitness Dance group. Maybe dance all by yourself. Choose music that makes you want to move and keep moving.

9. Be of service. Find someone who has worse troubles than you and do something nice for them today.

10. Have a conversation with God (or whatever you call your Higher Power).