Rescue Requests In

Article via Storify of Ros Juan (@juanxi)

Proper encoding for #rescuePH.

We need your help in monitoring the #rescuePH hashtag and encoding data into the website.

Please take the time to read steps below so that you can help us record NEW requests and avoid duplicates. This will save the team time and effort. 🙂

1. Search the hashtag #rescuePH in Twitter.

2. Look through the tweets and pick out the ones with rescue requests and calls for help.

3. Open in another browser window.

4. Search the page for the name of the person in need of help.
i.e. Tweet: @RescuePH Mike Cruz in Binan, Laguna needs help evacuating…
Search “Mike Cruz” in the page.
Click the MORE button at the bottom of the page to see other entries.

5. If you find the name, check if it contains the same information as the tweet you wanted to encode.
If it’s the same, move on to the next tweet.

6. If you cannot find a duplicate, PLEASE CLICK THE GREEN BUTTON that says “Click here if someone you know needs rescuing.”

7. Fill out the form.

8. Tell your friends how they can help as well

Thanks so much for your help! Stay safe and dry 🙂