Mark Munoz’s Official Visit Postponed

Due to the recent flooding in Metro Manila, the scheduled visit of “The Filipino Wrecking Machine” Mark Munoz has been postponed. Mark is closely monitoring the situation and understands what needs to be done to help those that have been affected by the flood. He looks forward to meeting his Filipino fans in the near future.

Here’s his statement via

“In the last two days, Manila has been hit by heavy rains that caused major flooding in the metro areas. I am sad that the UFC Manila Tour on Aug 12th at MOA has been postponed, but I am more worried about our fellow Pinoys, mga bata, lolos and lolas in the flood waters. I know Filipinos are a resilient people. We will come out of this a stronger people. We always do, but I cannot standby and just watch and read about it though.”

“I and Team Munoz will be setting up a Paypal account on my website to take donations. As we hope for the rains and flood water to settle, I will be figuring out how to deliver what we raise to our Kapamilya sa Pilipinas. I will be posting the donation blog soon. I hope you will join me to help. Tulungan ang aming kapamilya.”

Source: Balls Channel