Who Would You Like to Play Christian Grey?

The sexy trilogy by British author EL James,  Fifty Shades of Grey is taking the world by storm. The story revolves around a 21-year-old woman Anastasia Steele who takes up an S&M relationship with a hot, mysterious billionaire Christian Grey.

Here are the list of hunk actors that will fit the part
Ian Somerhalder

Ryan Gosling

Chace Crawford

Matt Bomer

Henry Cavill

Chris Hemsworth

Chris Evans

Wentworth Miller

Anyone for your liking? These hunks can really be Christian Grey. I’m biased, for me I want Ian Somerhalder to do the part. He is mysterious and those eyes!


3 thoughts on “Who Would You Like to Play Christian Grey?

  1. Henry Cavill IS Christian Grey! Take a look at his Dunhill Black ads on youtube They SCREAM Fifty! He has the looks,the body , the height,the eyes,that boyish smile & sexy smirk. On Tudors he has played seductive,classy,domineering,playful & had no problem with nudity or the steamy scenes. He looks great in a suit,looks like a greek god as described & can be painfully submissive. He is the whole package. The Dunhill ads alone run like a mini 50 shades movie. I love Ian on VD but he is to short,would need to bulk up more,& his look is more evil bad boy to me. But he plays a perfect Damon. As for Ana I think Alexandra Daddario of Percy Jackson is perfect. She has the long brown hair,piercing blue eyes to big for her face alabaster skin & great lips for her biting but not to big. At 26 she looks 22 & has an innocent beauty requiring no makeup which Ana rarely uses. She also had action training for Percy Jackson that would come inhandy for Anas little action scenes. Also at 26 she is mature enough for the steamy scenes. Someone actually 22 or younger might look like a teenager & might not have the right experience for the steamy scenes in this role. Henry is 29 the right age & they would look great together.

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