Confessions of a Purefoods fan

Last Sunday, Game 7 between B-Meg Llamados and Talk N Text Tropang Texters will be on the books. This series was one of the best PBA Finals ever that was decided on a Game 7, Overtime.

I have been a fan of the Purefoods franchise ever since. I remembered that when we were young, my siblings and I would complain every time my father watched a PBA game on tv. Eventually, sitting with my father watching the game allowed us to love, appreciate and enjoy basketball.

Who will forget Dindo Pumaren, Rey Evangelista, The Defense Minister Jerry Codiñera and of course The Captain Alvin Patrimonio. These fellas carried Purefoods to a lot of championships.

Back in college; Feb 7, 1997 to be exact; TJ Hotdogs went to Bacolod for one of PBA’s provincial games. I was not able to buy the ticket for the game but as an avid fan I made sure that I will be able to see them. I heard that the team will be having lunch at one of the restaurants near our school. I went there together with my classmates. We planned to only take a peek but as accommodating and generous as they are, they granted us to sign autographs. I remembered that the only paper I had was a reviewer. Most of them smiled when they noticed that they will sign my reviewer. I had their autographs covered in plastic and is neatly placed in one of my photo albums.

I was very happy when B-Meg entered the finals this PBA Governor’s Cup vs. Talk N Text. With Coach Tim Cone as their new coach, I know that they can make it. Also Best Import Denzel “Monster” Bowles is there to back them up. They won game 1 but TNT delivered and took game 2. The series eventually lead to a game 7 win or go home. I really thought that TNT will win it because around 1 minute left, they still lead 6 points. But B-Meg came back and TNT only lead 2 points. Faith is with us… Denzel Bowles was fouled with 0.12 seconds left and needs to make 2 free throws to tie the game. I was shaking and praying hard that once he made the first one, the second will be much easier. Alas, he made both!! (Walang kaba!!) B-Meg won the championship in Overtime. This is also the first time that I saw Alvin so emotional. I confess, I shed a tear or two when I saw him hug Denzel! I’ve never seen him this affected on the game. This is one of the best feeling we B-Meg fans feel!!

I am proud to be a member of the B-Meg Planet!!