NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012 snapshots

Earlier today I was able to run again thanks to National Geographic Earth Day Run at Bonifacio Global City. I joined the 3K run. This is my first run for the year and hopefully not the last. Since I haven’t run for a long time and haven’t hit the gym my leg muscles are sore! Adding to this was I played badminton yesterday! Yes.. I’m back to being sporty! hahaha!!

Angela and Eboy of Biggest Loser Philippines

I went to the venue early and was able to see 2 contestant of Biggest Loser Philippines, Angela and Eboy. Wow Angela really lost A LOT of weight and Eboy is getting there. Ms. Earth Philippines candidates were also there together with last year’s winner Althea Imperial.

I’m happy that I was able to see Juvy and Ryan. They were with their team mates. Before the start of the run, were able to see Ryan as well.

The game started on time and I finished the run in 28 minutes.  It’s so hard to run because of the heat.  Good thing there were a lot of water stations.  Free cereals and Sustagen Premium were provided after the run.

the 2 Ryans

We also took pictures of the race winners

With Ms. Earth beauties

I love it that the race started on time.  Even though there were very few freebies, the most important part is the race is for mother earth. I will definitely run again next year.

Thank you Ryan for some of the pictures.

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2 thoughts on “NatGeo Earth Day Run 2012 snapshots

  1. How can this run be for “mother earth” when there was impractical use of plastic bottles and cups? Moreover, i could not find any relevance of a run being close to the advocacy of National Geographic, do? If this were a trail run with conscious use of paper cups and activities towards better understanding of the environment then perhaps. Quite obvious is the fact that this is merely a popularity exercise of the cable network without even thinking about the deeper meaning into activities such as this. Lastly, really bad orchestration from the organizer. I could only imagine if someone really got hurt due to dehydration during the 21k run. The lack of km markers, energy drinks and knowledgeable staff make this the worst run ever…at least for the year. 200 plus comments from Pinoy Fitness says a lot about this race and the brand.

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