my tsinelas all over the world

I don’t really know what started my “tsinelas” collection. I have about 60 slippers key chain collection plus other key chains, it totals to more than a hundred. I am able to identify who gave me the key chain. Since most of my collection is slippers, every time an office mate or a friend went to a vacation here and abroad, they never failed to give me something to add to my collection! Since they cannot find a slippers key chain, they gave me a slipper magnet instead.

Here are some of the slipper magnets my friends gave me.

From Mitch when she went to Hong Kong in 2010

From Mama Ichel when she went to California in 2010

Cons gave this to me from SuiteWorld in San Francisco, 2011

 The latest from Aims when she went to Australia for the New Year, 2012

Thank you everyone for the gifts. It’s nice to know that you remember me and you really took your time to look specifically for slippers to add to my collection!! It really warms my heart!!


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