Dawson’s Creek: Where are they now?

Every Monday, I am glued to Studio23 to watch my favorite teen show Dawson’s Creek (1998-2003). I’m really a big fan of the show. I even had their pictures printed (dot matrix) lol! I remembered Kotex had a promo that you will win a Dawson’s Creek merchandise. My classmate, Donna and I had to ramage through the sanitary napkins just to make sure that we will get the CD Soundtrack and I was fortunate to have one!! I made a song bong where I wrote the lyrics of all of the songs in the sound track.

I am a huge fan of the Capeside gang of Dawson Leery, Joey Potter, Pacey Witter, Jen Lindley, Jack and Andy McPhee and Audrey Liddell. I begin to love Paula Cole because of this show.  When I hear I Don’t Want To Wait, I envisioned the show’s opening credits. I don’t want the series to end. From the time when Joey joined the beauty contest until the day when Jen passed away. I really cried when the series ended but what the heck, everything must come to an end and we need to move on! hahaha!

I was very happy when Wetpaint featured them on Flashback! Read through, reminisce our college days, the joys, laughter and tears Dawson’s Creek gave us!

Wondering what happened to our favorite Dawson’s Creek stars?

James Van Der Beek: Dawson Leery
James Van Der Beek embodied cheery, chatty, Spielberg-obsessed Dawson Leery to perfection — which was great while Dawson’s Creek was on, but not so great once the series ended and no one was looking to cast another Dawson.

After some misses, including 2006’s straight-to-DVD movie The Plague, James, 34, is finally getting his mojo back: He won Best Actor at the 2009 San Diego Film Festival for Formosa Betrayed, he played a womanizing ICU chief on Mercy in 2010, and he’ll recur as a fictional version of himself on the new ABC sitcom Don’t Trust the B—- in Apartment 23, set to premiere this January. For all you Ke$ha fans out there (we don’t judge — she’s catchy), James appeared as the singer’s nemesis in her 2011 music video for the thumping club song “Blow.”

James’s love life has also recovered quite nicely since his April 2009 split from his wife of six years, actress Heather McComb. Just one year later, he announced on Twitter that he and his girlfriend, business consultant Kimberly Brook, were expecting a baby girl. The couple tied the knot in August 2010, and they welcomed daughter Olivia Van Der Beek on September 25, 2010. In October of this year, James revealed that Kimberly is preggers with their second child.

Dawson’s all grown up!

Katie Holmes: Joey Potter
While some may divide Katie Holmes’s life into pre-Dawson’s Creek and post-Dawson’s Creek, we’re gonna split it into pre-Tom Cruise and post-Tom Cruise. Because the minute Katie, 32, hooked up with the big-name actor, she stopped channeling precocious girl next door Joey Potter and instead became yet another glam Hollywood fixture. It was a dramatic — and for us Creek fans a somewhat traumatic — shift.

TomKat took off in early 2005 — not long after Katie ended her two-year engagement to American Pie actor Chris Klein. Tom popped the question a mere two months later (after Katie converted to Scientology, natch), and Katie gave birth to their little girl, the much-photographed Suri Cruise, in April 2006. The full-speed-ahead couple tied the knot on November 18, 2006.

Katie’s career has remained fairly consistent: She’s appeared on the big screen in a string of films, from 2004’s First Daughter to the 2005 blockbuster Batman Begins to the 2010 indie The Romantics. Other credits include Thank You for Smoking (opposite Aaron Eckhart) and the latest Adam Sandler flick, Jack and Jill. She recently played the “Slutty Pumpkin” on the 2011 Halloween episode of How I Met Your Mother, and she channeled Jackie O. in the 2011 TV miniseries The Kennedys.

To us, she’ll always be Joey, an endearingly neurotic tomboy… who ultimately ends up with Pacey. Katie and Joshua Jackson dated briefly 13 years ago, so we’re still holding out hope for a reunion. It could happen, right?

Michelle Williams: Jen Lindley
Although Jen Lindley dies of a fatal heart condition in the series finale, Michelle Williams, 31, is arguably the most successful of the former Capeside crew — career-wise, anyway.

After receiving a Best Supporting Actress Oscar nomination in 2005 for Brokeback Mountain, Michelle appeared in a string of serious, critically acclaimed movies including Synecdoche, New York, Blue Valentine (cue her second Oscar nom), and Shutter Island. She’s currently getting rave reviews for her star turn as the iconic Marilyn Monroe in My Week With Marilyn, and she’s sure to dazzle as Glinda in 2013’s Oz: The Great and Powerful.

Michelle started dating her Brokeback co-star Heath Ledger in June 2004, and the couple had a daughter, Matilda, on October 28, 2005. In a tragic twist, Heath died of a prescription drug overdose on January 22, 2008, only a few months after he and Michelle called it quits. In an interview in the October 2011 issue of Vogue, Michelle revealed, “For a really long time, I couldn’t stop touching people’s faces. I was like, ‘Look at you. You move. You’re here.’ It all just seemed so fleeting, and I wanted to hold on to it.”

In the wake of Heath’s death, Michelle has developed a thing for guys behind the camera (just like Dawson!): After dating director Spike Jonze from 2008 to 2009, Michelle had a rumored fling with Jane Eyre director Cary Fukunaga in early 2011.

There’s always been a lot of “City Girl” Jen in Michelle — emotional pain included. Fortunately, Michelle hasn’t let it bring her down. At all.

Joshua Jackson: Pacey Witter
Our middle school crush on Pacey Witter will never fade (sigh), but at least we can still get our Joshua Jackson fix on the small screen.

After appearing in a string of mostly forgettable movies, Josh, 33, struck gold when he landed the role of Peter Bishop on J.J. Abrams’s sci-fi hit Fringe in 2008. He’s played the sardonic genius for four seasons now, and he’ll take his talents — and general adorableness — to the big screen for 2012’s Lay the Favorite, which also stars Bruce Willis, Vince Vaughn, and Catherine Zeta-Jones.

Just when we thought he couldn’t get any cuter, Josh filmed the Pacey-Con 2010 video for Funny or Die. In the hilarious spoof, Josh honors all the die-hard Pacey Witter fans out there by putting on Pacey-Con, which happens to take place across the street from San Diego Comic-Con. He reads fan fiction, compliments clueless Con-goers on their “Pacey” costumes, and gushes about the greatness that is Pacey Witter. It’s kind of amazing.

Like his career, Josh’s love life is steady as she goes: He’s been dating Joey Potter Inglourious Basterds beauty Diane Kruger since 2006. Us, jealous of Diane? Never…

Kerr Smith: Jack McPhee
Although Kerr Smith, 39, has added a whole slew of TV shows to his acting resume since the end of Dawson’s Creek in 2003, he’s still best known for playing Jack McPhee — one of network TV’s first complicated, openly gay characters.

Since his Creek days, Kerr has guest-starred on Charmed, E-Ring, Justice, CSI: NY, Eli Stone, Life Unexpected, and NCIS. In a not-so-sexy turn, he also played deranged serial killer Axel Palmer in the 2009 3-D remake of My Bloody Valentine.

Kerr tied the knot with Josie and the Pussycats actress Harmoni Everett on June 7, 2003, but later filed for divorce in March 2009.

Meredith Monroe: Andie McPhee
Meredith Monroe, who was 29 when she made her Dawson’s Creek Season 2 debut as the loquacious (and slightly mentally unstable) Andie McPhee, hasn’t exactly remained in the spotlight since the WB series stopped following her character’s storyline after two seasons.

Sure, she’s had a string of guest spots on popular shows — Bones, The Closer, NCIS, The Mentalist, Private Practice, Californication, CSI — and she appeared in a handful of episodes of Criminal Minds from 2005 to 2009, but her most recent role of note was the wife of a murdered volleyball coach on a Season 2 episode of Hawaii Five-0. My Week With Marilyn, it was not.

Meredith, 42, has been married to a fella named Steven Kavovit since August 1999. There’s something to be said for love.

Busy Philipps: Audrey Liddell
Busy Philipps, 32, joined Dawson’s Creek for its final two seasons as Joey’s bubbly college roomie and eventual bestie, Audrey Liddell. The hilarious actress is now best known for playing party girl Laurie Keller on the ABC comedy Cougar Town, and you may have caught her on the big screen in the Sarah Jessica Parker rom-com I Don’ t Know How She Does It.

Busy, who really does live up to her name, married screenwriter Marc Silverstein in 2007 and gave birth to their daughter, Birdie Leigh Silverstein, on August 13, 2008. A close friend of Michelle Williams since their Creek days, Busy is also little Matilda Ledger’s godmother. Honestly, how does she do it?

Source: Wetpaint