contact lens intolerance

I have been wearing contact lens for more than 2 years. I’m using Cinnamon under the same brand. This month, I had my eye grade refract and was advised that it is still the same; left 350 and right 325. Ang taas na grabe! I am near-sighted so if I am not wearing my eyeglasses or contacts, I cannot even read what is written in my computer monitor. I need to move my face near the monitor so I can see it! Ganun ako ka bulag!

A week ago, I noticed that my left eye is red, irritated and gritty. Nagluluha ang mga mata ko. I then decided to stop using contacts for 2 days and went to the doctor right away. When the doctor had me read the eye examination chart, I had to blink a couple of times for me to be able to read the letters properly. I was then informed that my eyes are dry and wearing contacts made it even drier. I was wearing disposable contact lenses and religiously change it after every 2-3 months. The doctor asked if I wear contact lens while sleeping because that is a big NO NO! It is good that I am not doing it.

Diagnosis : CONTACT LENS INTOLERANCE! What? I only know about lactose intolerance! lol! The doctor said that this is often experienced by prolong use of contact lens and a consequence of dry eyes. I was advised not to use contact lens for 2 weeks. I then decided to buy a new eyeglasses. The one with no nose pads since the one I am currently using is leaving marks on my nose and it is not neat!

The doctor advised that I can then use contact lens after 2 weeks. I can still use the same brand but if I will experience the symptoms again, I may need to change to other brands.

my new eyeglasses


Contact Lens Intolerance is a situation which affects many long-time contact wearers. The eye tires of the foreign body (contact lens) that has been in place all these years and starts to show signs of rejecting it. While not as extreme as rejecting foreign tissue, the result is that you find yourself unable to wear your contact lenses for as long as you are accustomed to wearing them. (And some long-term wearers are unable to wear their contact lenses at all!)

Symptoms of Contact Lens Intolerance include:

  • Dry, itchiness setting in earlier in the day
  • Frustration with being at the mercy of your eyes
  • Rationing your contact lens time
  • A sense that people are noticing you wearing your glasses more

You may find that you need to remove your contacts by the end of a work day; or the added strain of a night out simply makes it next to impossible to tolerate wearing contacts the next day. Eventually, you’ll start rationing the amount of time you “have your eyes in” so that you look your best in social situations or for important times at work.

While you might not be able to avoid the problem forever, there are steps you can take to try and alleviate the situation. Some people can get relief from switching to a different hydrating solution. Sometimes the problem stems from keeping extended-wear lenses past their useful life. Be sure to follow package directions and the instructions of your doctor.

Clean your lenses often and practice good hygiene with your hands and eyes to minimize the possibility of infection.

Source: Herzig Eye Institute