dream come true… Nicholas Sparks!!!

Friday October 28, 2011 was the realization of one of my dreams.. to personally meet my favorite author NICHOLAS SPARKS!

Nicholas Sparks was introduced by my colleague Tiffany. She and her friend Annie collects Nicholas Sparks books and she let us borrow them. I first read The Notebook and was addicted from then on. I then started collecting his books. My friends then gave me his book as Christmas or birthday gifts.

I was very ecstatic when Nicholas Sparks twitted that he will be coming over to Manila for the launch of his new book The Best of Me.

I immediately went to Podium after office Friday for the book launch. I arrived 10 minutes to 5:00 pm and did not know where National Book Store is located (stupid) hahaha!! I haven’t been to the Podium for the longest time and I thought that National Book Store was still on 4th floor so I asked the guard and he pointed me to the store on the right side of the Atrium where the book launch venue was held. Hahaha!! I went there and buy the book. Upon paying, their POS machine got stuck so it took about 5 or 10 minutes to complete. While waiting for my book, Nicholas Sparks arrived on the venue. I joined the crowed scream his name! Excited to see him in person. Super-super fan!!!

I initially thought that since I already bought the book, I can line up and have it signed. He will only be signing 1200 books. I then went to the counter so I can pick if it is a Sorry or Yes. If you pick YES then your book will be signed. I said to myself, if I pick Sorry well then it’s really not meant for me. When I opened the paper and it says YES I jumped for joy!! Thank God this is really my day! The number I got is 1116. This is now my new favorite number.

Nicholas started signing books around 6:00 pm and they group them by 50s. You will see that people from different walks of life and different ages are waiting. Some are sitting on the floor and reading his book while waiting for their numbers to be called. I was fortunate that I was able to see an empty seat (maabilidad!!) near the platform where Nicholas is signing his books. While waiting, I opted to read his book. I was not able to read it continuously since because I am also looking at the expression of the people having their book signed (chismosa mode lang!). I was also looking at Nicholas! You will see that his smile never falter. Nicholas was smiling all the time.

At last our group 1101 to 1150 was called to line up at the right side of the stage. I also brought one of his book,The Last Song. I wanted to have it signed as well however since I only had one ticket, only one book can be signed. I then opted to have The Best of Me signed. The process was so organized. One staff will get the book to be signed and pass it to the table for Nicholas to be signed. The other staff gets extra books so it will not mess up the process. Another staff will get your camera/cellphone and will take your picture. Another staff will hand the signed book and will give you the Nicholas Sparks marker and the next will remove your number.

I cannot contain my excitement when it was my turn to have my book signed. I asked him if I can have a kiss and a hug as a birthday gift (kapal!) hahaha! He immediately kissed and hugged me. DREAM COME TRUE!!! We then pose for a picture. I have my book signed around 10:00 pm. Even if I waited for 4 hours, it was all worth it. Nicholas Sparks has been signing for more than 4 hours and you will not see him frown. You will not see any sign that he is tired. He is really enjoying it as well. This may not happen again so it is really a dream come true!! If given another chance, I will gladly do it again and wait even 5 hours to see him in person and have his autograph! I’m such a fan!!


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