Definitions of Horror

In time for the Halloween, let me post this ‘Definitions of Horror’ topic of The Morning Rush. This made Gino broke his chair.


1. Joti – You’re awakened from sleep by a friend who says: “Gising na, pupunta pa tayo sa burol!” Nung mahimasmasan ka, you realize yung kaibigan mong gumising sa iyo, yun yung kaibigan na bibisitahin niyo sa lamay.

2. CocoHernandez – You’re watching TV in your condo on the 15th floor, and you see a kid na nakiki-nood from your window.

3. ALuckyLorenzo – The elevator stops at a floor you didn’t press, and each time it’s about to close, it opens, as if someone from the outside is pressing it.

4. Dyoan08 – If you knock on the door, then someone knocks back, but once you open the door, no one’s inside.

5. ALuckyLorenzo – You’re taking a shower, then you feel something hitting your forehead. You look up, and you see a man hanging from the ceiling looking at you.

6. Tinax – Looking in the mirror and seeing another face on your shoulders.

7. ChewyMD – You order food, and when you open the door, the delivery guy says: “Ang naman nung anak niyo!” But you don’t have a kid…

8. Fortunata – The elevator stops at every floor, and as the elevator opens on each floor, the same guy is standing there.

9. Oh Gerald – You’re sitting on the toilet bowl, and when you look towards the shower, you see feet peeking from under the shower curtains.

10. Richmond – You’re in an elevator with a confused-looking man, when suddenly the elevator jerks, and stops. The lights go out, and then in the dark, you hear the guy say: “Patay ka na rin ba…”

11. Fortunata – You’ve been wondering why you’ve been having back pains all week. Then one day, you pass by a mirror and you see a dark creature piggy-backing on you.

12. ALuckyLorenzo – We were in our biology lab when we heard a small voice crying for help. We were looking and looking, until we realized it was coming from the large jar of formalin with a fetus inside.

13. Suplado Rin – A family locked up their house because everyone was going out of town. As they drove away, they looked back, and saw the silhouette of a woman waving them goodbye.

14. Kitrich – True story: My friend who used to be a member of San Miguel Master Chorale recorded their song on a mobile phone. When they played it, they heard a high pitched voice saying “tulungan niyo ako…”

15. Mama Gubster – You hear from the baby monitor that your baby is crying from the other room, until you realize that you are already carrying your baby.

16. Kawee – You’re driving late at night, and you look at your side mirror, and you see someone staring back at you.

17. Rhian – Entering an elevator alone but once the door closes, you see a reflection of another person standing beside you.

18. Ianne – Getting stuck alone in an elevator. Then the guard who can see you from the cctv cam, tells you: “Buti nalang marami kayo diyan…”

19. Non – If you’re shampooing your hair, at nung kinakapa mo na yung soap, may biglang mag-aabot sa yo.

20. Adariel – Waking up at 3am, getting out of bed, then looking back at your body, still in bed, as a dark figure hovers over it.

21. Kibs – Driving alone on an empty road. A girl suddenly crosses the road out of nowhere and you hit her. You hit the brakes and you look behind you in panic and she’s now sitting in the back seat looking straight at you, smiling menacingly.

22. Irish – Late at night, you ride a taxi alone, so you get surprised when suddenly a pale girl is sitting beside you. She points to the driver and whispers: “Bumaba ka agad…siya ang pumatay sa akin…”

23. Bokals – You get awakened by a knocking on your room door and someone saying: “Gising na, kakain na!” Then you realize you live alone.

24. Jepoy – You’re alone in a chapel, paraying intently, when suddenly you hear a voice whisper in your ear: “Hindi yan nakikinig sa yo…”

25. Fortunata – You turn on the TV and it’s all static. You think you hear voices, but it’s so faint that you couldn’t quite make out what it was saying. You come closer, and you realize the voice was saying: “I’m coming for you…”

26. Camillo – You get barraged with tweets from an unknown username, and when you click on it, it says: “user does not exist”.

27. QA Police – You were walking alone at midnight in your university campus when suddenly you see kids running around without any adult supervision. Then an old woman suddenly comes up to you and says: “Hindi nila alam na patay na sila…”

28. Babsicles – A girl was on a jeep alone, when suddenly, the driver stopped and asked her to go down. She was wondering why, when the driver told her: “Umuwi ka agad at sunugin mo yang damit mo. Tuwing tinitignan kita sa reaer view mirror, wala kang ulo.”

29. No name – You’re sleeping when you get awakened by someone caressing your head. You thought it was your boyfriend, when you suddenly realize he’s already at work. As you realized this, you hear a whisper in your ear saying: “Hanapin mo ang pumatay sa akin…”

30. Utopian Dweller – My brother and I were watching TV, when I saw the reflection of an old man on the TV screen. Since my brother wasn’t saying anything, I thought I was the only one seeing it. Finally I tapped my brother, then he said: “Wag kang magulo, para umalis na yung matanda.”

31. Dario – You get a barrage of scary texts in the middle of the night from an unknown number, saying stuff like: “I’ll kill you while you sleep”. You decide to call the number, then you hear a cellphone ringing from under your bed.

Source: Strange Fruit


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  1. yung ALuckyLorenzo ang lagi kong naeexperience.. pero ang iniisip ko sira lang talaga ung elevator kaya matagal sumara hahaha

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