Signs that you are in a Bad Romance

Are you happy with your relationship now? See if your are indeed in a Bad Romance (hope not!). Another The Morning Rush Top 10 I wanted to share.


1. Kurt Phoenix – If you hear the words “I”, You” and “Me” much more often that you hear the words “Us” and “We”.
2. Gwapo53 – Pag feeling Time Traveler’s Wife ka, kasi bigla nalang nawawala ang lover mo.
3. Bernababy – I have a friend whose boyfriend stopped having sex with her because she got fat.
4. Syelapot – If you both need to be drunk to feel “connected” to each other.
5. Many France – If he always says hurtful words in the form of a joke, but you know there’s real meaning there.
6. Gwapo53 – If she always uses the excuse, “I have eh”, even if sampung taon na siyang menopause.
7. No name – There are things that you don’t want to continue, but which you are afraid to end.
8. Yen – When your mind disagrees with everything your heart says.
9. Eien 17 – When you live under the same roof, but he’s a building a future with somebody else.
10. Homer Singson – If she’s super sweet when you’re alone together, but ignores you when you’re in public.
11. Lockon Stratos – If your fairy tale has turned into a graphic novel.
12. Joey – When you tend to believe your friends over your own partner.
13. No name – if he keeps bringing up the memory of his dead fiancee.
14. RC and Cess – If you treat each question from her as a suspicion, and she treats every answer from you as a lie.
15. Raquel – When you’re constantly looking for proof of the said love.
16. Angelanghel – When the word “unfair” pops up in your head a little too often.
17. Uk-Uk – If you’re happier at work than you are at home.
18. Reichen – If your boyfriend wears more foundation than you do.
19. Marioh Caryo – (a friend’s story) When everytime you make love & try to kiss him, he says: “Gawin mo na lahat saken wag mo lang ako i-kiss sa lips.”
20. Eien17 – If you’re absolutely miserable, and your boyfriend hasn’t the slightest idea that you are.
21. Blitzen – We have creative differences. I’m creative, he’s different.
22. Schlagger – If you both have flings on the side, you both know, and you both don’t care.
23. Jigen Daisuke – Pag ikaw lang ang may alam na kayo na pala.
24. Homer Singson – If you’re in a give-and-take relationship. Ikaw puro give, siya puro take.
25. Jigen Daisuke – If everytime you ask: “Na-miss mo ba ko?” ang sagot niya: “Bakit, umalis ka ba?”

Source :  Strange Fruit


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