reasons why you are still single

Here’s another RX The Morning Rush Top 10 that I wanted to share. I indeed can relate to this. Every time someone mentioned.. you’re still single?? It’s as if it’s a crime to be still single. Sorry to say but I’m not really affected by those comments! hahaha! I am happy to be one!


1. Purple – Because I haven’t met my either. Either I think I’m too good for him, or I think I’m not good enough.
2. Magnus – Because I met the girl of my dreams…same time I met her husband.
3. Penguina – Kasi umaasa ka pa rin na babalikan ka nung umiwan sa yo.
4. Morrigan – When you’re a serial dater.
5. RuffaWanda – Because my Prince Charming is wearing my tiara.
6. No name – I’ve been alone for so long that the thought of being with someone actually scares me.
7. xxchromosomes/Cheyenne/Mamatots – Because all the hot guys are gay, and all the rich men are married.
8. Eien17 – Because pushing someone away is way easier than convincing them to stay.
9. Mr. Perk – Because I stopped believing in love.
10. Draco’s Biatch – Because I always meet my ideal men…in books.
11. Genovia – People say there’s a right person for everyone out there. Seriously, I think mine was hit by a truck.
12. RC and Cess – True story: A churchmate was supposed to get married but her groom-to-be died. They were never married, but she decided to consider herself a widow.
13. No name – Kasi hindi pa legal ang gay marriage sa Pilipinas.
14. Tomba – Kasi ang mga minamahal ko, MANHID!
15. Babyjen – Kapag pihikan ka na pangit.
16. No name – Because Mr. Right lost his way and is too stubborn to ask for directions.
17. Greennoodles – Because I’m boyish, most men think I’m lesbian, so I go straight into the FRIEND ZONE.
18. Mojacko – Because every single girl I’ve fallen in love with, ended up married to other guys.
19. Sweetest Evil – Because only after 8 years of being together, does my boyfriend conveniently decide to inform me that he doesn’t believe in marriage.
20. Silvertongue – You’re gunning for girls, but you always end up with gays.
21. Orange Girl – Because I like having conversations with myself, even shushing myself sometimes.
22. No name – Because my mom threatens all the guys who show interest in me.
23. Doraemon – Because they say if you come from a broken family, history tends to repeat itself.
24. TrinaIsMyName – Because guys don’t understand that I want to be chased a bit before I give in.
25. Therese – Because the love of my life is getting married to the love of his.

Source : Strange Fruit