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I was really excited when I thought that Apple will launch iPhone 5 this month but iPhone 5 no more. Apple launches iPhone 4s today. Curiosity donned on me. I need to know what feature iPhone 4s has. Well, again Apple did not fail.

Here are iPhone 4s’ features:
– The iPhone 4S looks and feels exactly like the iPhone 4.
– It comes with an 8MP camera, an improved lens, 1080p HD video and a slew of upgrades that allow for faster video taking and crisper images.
– New features such as cropping are now available through the iPhone 4S Camera.
– The most important new feature of the iPhone 4S is Siri, a voice-controlled “Intelligent Assistant” that can complete tasks based on natural language. Ask it what the weather is like today and it will respond with details.
– Apple launched iCloud at its event, allowing users to sync their photos, music, emails and more across iOS devices.
– iCloud also works between iOS devices and Mac OS X Lion. Photos taken on the phone are automatically uploaded to iCloud. Then they are available on your other Apple devices.
– iOS 5 is the new version of Apple’s mobile OS. It includes revamped notifications, a new Messages feature and deep integration with Twitter.
– iOS 5 includes a new Messages feature for sending messages to other iOS devices for free, no texting required. iOS 5 includes revamped notifications. No more annoying push notifications!
– Apple launched Newsstand, an app for downloading magazines, newspapers and other subscription-based content automatically.

Will wait until iPhone 4s be available in the country.

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