Top Ten Messages or Questions for an RX Jock

I have been a silent rusher since I moved to Manila. I really love listening to The Morning Rush and in celebration of RX anniversary, The Morning Rush’s Top 10 was the messages and questions their listener wanted to give to an RX Jock. I think it is fitting that they have this topic and I wanted to share this as well.

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August 26, 2011 → The Top Ten Messages Or Questions For An RX Jock

1.  Homer Singson – For Fran: “Totoo bang may crossover romance between jocks from two rival stations…o baka naman TURBAN legend lang ito?”

2.  Hot Stud 22 – For DJ McCoy: “Dude, malaki ba talaga?”

3.  Albrag – For Chico: “Ang dami mong travel pics sa blog mo. Sinong travel companion mo?”

4.  Young Indy – For Delamar: “I don’t want to be a prude, and I don’t mean to be rude, but when you said you sleep in the nude, this topic I wish to elude.”

5.  Kyogz – For Chico: “would you be open to having your own tandem with Gino?”

6.  Byron and Lockon Stratos – For Chico: “Kailan mo ba ipapakilala sa amin si Baby Whale?”

7.  Booboo25 – For Gino: “Kung sana boyfriend ang hinahanap mo, eh di wala ka sanang problema sa lovelife ngayon.”

8.  Tian26Jack – For Chico: “I-follow mo lang ako sa Instagram, matutulog na din akong hubad tulad ni Delle, kahit sa sala lang ako natutulog.”

9.  Mr. Perk – For Rico: “Lagi ka bang galit talaga sa Twitter kaya laging all caps mga tweet mo?”

10. Wandering Eneri – For Tom: “High school palang nakikinig na ko sa mga payo mo sa Love Clinic, bakit hanggang ngayon wala pa rin akong natututunan sa love?”

11. Dscrt – For Rico: “Are you a grower or are you a shower?”

12. Pesteng Ehem and Astroboy – For Andre: “Had you not been in radio, would you follow in your famous dad’s footsteps and join a basketball team?”

13. The Pabile Guy – For Rico: “Ba’t di mo try magpa-long hair?”

14. IamFortunata – For Gino: “Will you dance with me later at the RX Anniversary Party?”

15.  Mad Sison – For Gino: “Pwede bang magpa-ampon ka nalang sa Morning Rush?”

16.  Lemon Neko 8 – For Gino: “Ever since naging GiGi ka, di na kita crush…LOVE na kita!”

17.  Lemon Neko 8 – For Gino: “Puwede pumasok tayo sa kuwarto na patay ang lahat ng ilaw, para tayo nalang mag-on?”

18.  Cocohernandez – For Jackie Chanak: “Don’t you have plans on hosting your own show?”

19. Engr Rodj – For Fran: “Sa date ba, mahilig ka mang-INDIAN?”

20. Kandy Kane – For Jude: “I love your Instagram pics!”

21.  Mia – For Tom: “Dear Dr. Love, gusto ko kumunsulta sayo. Pero anung gagawin mo kung ikaw ang problema ko?”

22.  Avril – For Fran: “Umiinom ka ba ng The Bar?”

23.  Mike – For Gino: “I know you’re all man, but imma treat choo like a woman!”

24. Tamalditz – For ChiChi and GiGi: “Dahil sa inyong dalawa, pinagdududahan ko na tuloy ang mister ko!”

25.  No name – For Gino: “Can you send me your soiled black boxer-briefs with red garter?”

26.  Brokenexcalibur – For Hazel: “Why is it whenever you talk, you’re like an angel sent down for me? And when you laugh, you become a witch ready to ensnare my heart? ❤ na kita!”

27.  Dance Empress – For ChiChi: “Nakita ko sa Instagram mo na nakipag-inuman ka kay GiGi. Tanong,may nangyari ba pagkatapos?”

28.  Rhachael Leigh – For Gino: “Hindi naman tayo ngtataguan…pero bakit ba lagi kitang hinahanap?”

29.  Rhachael Leigh – For Gino: “I don’t care about your past, all I want to know is if there’s a place for me in your future?”

30.  DJ Gambit – For Danielle: “Has anyone told her that she is the spitting image of Selma Blair?”

31.  Gobbledygook16 – For Alven: “Will you be my first kiss?”

32.  Xtiano Rhoynaldo: For Cerah: “Do you know of a make-up brand that can beautify a person not just outside but also inside? (pangreregalo ko lang sana)”

33.  I_Am_Kem – For Fran: “Favorite mo ba yung kantang, ‘Indian ka nanaman, tinutukso-tukso ang aking puso…’?”

34.  Agent Bad Boy – For Tom: “Dr. Love, bakit wala kang love nurse?”

35.  White Lady – For Delamar: “Aren’t you aware that that I’m always here at your hallway watching you?”

I hope Chico will post the reply to these questions as well.


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