Ilonggo Vocabulary

Thanks to Jovi Jaro’s post in You Know You’re From Bacolod, Philippines If… group in Facebook. Feel free to add words and phrases with their meanings.

agogo – ice candy; sherbet
alabuton – moody
alang-alang – hesitant; not yet ripe; not yet cooked; untimely; incomplete
Alcogas – fuel Bacolodnons (and Filipinos) were forced to use during the 70’s world-wide fuel crisis; mixture of gasoline and alcohol
alimpuros – a swirly clump of hair on your head, sa english: cowlick.
alingag-ngag – hard palate part of the mouth
alipunga – daw Tagalog man ni?
alipungoy – ignoramus, mala-autistic mode
ambot – no idea/don’t know
amo guid – that’s right (not to be confused with “amó guid” literally meaning “truly a monkey”)
arikis – sores, scabies

bakukang – Kelloid formation of the skin caused by scars
balbal- hit many times with a thing
balika-ot, balik-awot – awkward
batinggilan – hard-headed; stubborn
bayntsingko – twenty-five cents
Bigaon – a tease
bolbol-fine hair
bulid-bulid – describing someone/something rolling on a surface; e.g. like someone rolling down a hill – naga-bulid-bulid siya papanaug.
buki – mediocre; opposite of hip (tigas); bland; not exciting.
buktot – hunchback
bungyod – mound
buragwit – wet shit
Butigon – liar

“castigo militar” – a brutal torture

dagdag – fall from stairs
Daguob – thunder
damuhal/dalok-dalok – greedy
dibla – short for “indi bala” meaning “isn’t that so?”
doldol – stuff inside a pillow, particularly from the cotton tree
dugay-dugay -1) soon 2) very long time 3) every so often (ka klaro noh? :D
Dugsing – horseplay
dukol – a strike on the head with one’s knuckles
dusmo – fall on the ground

gabot – pull out
gali? – really?
garit-garit – rubble rouser
guripat – pinching/twisting of the ear (ang bulong sang lipat)
guapa – beautiful/pretty
guapo – beautiful (when referring to an object); handsome (when referring to a male person)
gasnit – to pinch & pullgutrab –
gan-it – to pull (pertaining to the act on someone’s hair)
gin-ot – humid
guni-guni – gossip or hearsay (daw tagalog ni, I think pamatyagan is the proper word in ilonggo)


halok – kiss
Hangag – stupid
haras-haras – rowdy
hilanat – fever
hinupang – puberty
hilabot – to meddle
hilabtera / hilabtero – refers to a person who meddles with someone else’s business
hibubun-ot – angst
hisa – envy
huring huring – hearsay
Hutik – whisper
huray-ad – lying down like no tomorrow

igit – poop, or accidentally shitting in your pants
Igot-igotan – base of the butt
ilok – armpit
isdog – to move from one’s location; to move aside
iti – bird droppings
itip – dead; done

Janay – wait a second. can also be spelled as dianay.
jutay – small, few; similar to “gamay”.

kadol – hit on the head
kagkag – unkept hair
kalabera – skeleton
kalawgaw – funny
kamkam – touched
kaon – eat
karubkob – ribs or boney parts
kaskas – trying hard
Kibol – corn or callous on the fingers or toes
kilid-kilid – just about anywhere
kisi-kisi – to have a fit; to shake uncontrollably
kuriit – cringe
kurikong – some skin disease but also slang for “correct”
kuripot – miserly
kuritot – small
kusi – pinch
kut-kut – dig; to dig
kutaw-kutaw – joker/comedian

labutaw – joker/comedian
Lagtok – hard-headed
langa-ang – slight fever
langlang – moron
laot – run after
libagon – out of tune; off-key
libak – gossip
Lingling – take a peek
linti – lightning; expression of disgust
liso – seed
lisú – turn; twist
lubag – twist
langas langas – crass

Mananggiti – coconut man
Mango – not gifted with intelligence or simply stupid.
Man-og – snake
Manol – ignorant, uneducated
Maoy – rudely drunk
Marauton – moody
Meron – kibitzer (usually in mahjong)
Mitlang – say or mention
Muta – mote

nan – That’s it!

ol-ol – bark
os-os – sliding
Otot – fart; breaking wind; release human-made gas

Pabiti – slang for playing loud music
Paduding – flirting
Pagutpot – not in perfect working order; almost like “guba-on”
Paka – frog
Pakdol – hit on the head
Palagpat – guesswork
palangga – dear (as endearment)
pampam – prostitute
Pangadi – to pray (also pronounced panga-ji, “j” as in jail)
Patigas – showing off
Perdegones – lead shots (inside a shotgun cartridge)
pilit – coerced
Pinasahi – unique
pispis – bird
Pisitas – 20 centavos
Pisos – one peso
Piswit – squirt
Pitaka – wallet or purse
Piyak-balay – 1) your neighbor’s house you used for hang-out more than your own. mas namit ila pag-kaon (similar to tupad-balay). 2) half a house, usually caused by a quarreling family. (can also be spelled pihak-balay); 3) literally, the other house
Pong-it – booger
Pugday – breakdown
Pungko – sit down
Puroy – syort pants
Puto – 1) rice cake. 2) bankrupt

quan – alternative word akin to “watchamacallit”

rikobetos – “much ado about nothing”?
Ragumo – Crunch
Ragu-ok – refers to the sound of stomach esp when hungry

Sabad – annoying; disturbance
sagad-sagad – expert
Sakam or Sakam-sakam – 1) taken in it’s in entirety. 2) direct hit or full impact. Such as, “Sakam-sakam gid pag sumbag ko. Sakam gid iya ulo”
Solisas – a plan gone wrong or someone caught guilty in the act or after by someone else. In any case, you’re in trouble.
Sturya Kuris-Kuris – stories that don’t make sense.
Subay – ant
sud-an – viand
suksuk – wear
sum-od – tiring

“Tag balay” – 1) Ilonggo version of “Anybody home?”. Best used if accompanied with door knocking action. 2) occupant
talaka – boring
tarso – joker/comedian
“Teh mo” – Usually an answer to a question you don’t want to answer or you don’t know the real answer to; may mean “Just because”. This doesn’t warrant further explanation.
Tikal – to boast
tik-tik – sound of a witch
Timus-timus – stye
tingig –
tongtong – put on top
torpe – dull, stupid, rude, awkward, clumsy, slow
tuis – guilty or caught
tuli – circumcise
tutuli – earwax

Ukot – wrinkled
ulay – virgin
ungas – idiot
Untat – stop
uyab – slang for boyfriend/girlfriend


waay-waay – no good
waswas – 1) to strike 2) wife (slang)
wigit – 1) drop 2) fall behind 3) get left behind


yawa – devil
yo de ha – coined from “iho de p__” but used in a different connotation, usually in admiration
yogs – coined from “Yots” –self



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  1. mama Jhen

    kaaliw naman to :D

  2. do you know what’s auntie in ilonggo?

  3. Bong na bong

    Anu sa english or tagalog sang kalonggo man? Tnx gd

  4. raihana

    i love ilonggo (^^^) :) O:)

  5. monzkie knights yude

    wala kamu ya words sa ilonggo kg may meaning man sa ilonggo??

  6. danes

    ilonggo ba ang tajao?

    • not sure pro gina gamit man na sya… like nag tajao na ang init sa kape mo :)

    • Lene Lumanog

      tajao is like water jug someting used to store water

      • jherz

        Hi Ma’am thanks for the reply.. if you don’t mind ma’am pwede ba akong gawaan or bigyan ng mga sample ilonggo dialect? In common na ginagamit sa pang-araw araw at bad or good words.. kasi may GF ako na soon to be my wife e gusto kong matutoto at para malaman kung ano ano ang pinagsasabi sa akin? baka kasi pinaguusapan na ako na nde maganda ng mga friends nya na nde ko alam.. thanks much i hope you can do it for me my biggest favor.. thanks again

  7. Ryan

    What is lia

    What is sinungaling in ilonggo

  8. jherz

    ano sa tagalog ung amu nana?

  9. Tugalpo

    Tajao is a big earthen jar you fill up with water. Most of the time rain water, that’s what we used to do it back home.

  10. Jase Onli

    Can you please translate this? “Pang, hindi na ako mag liwat ah. Sakit sakit gali ya. Yugs!” Thank you very much. Lastly, what is the best response for this? Thanks again.

  11. sam

    what’s baby/child in ilongo??TY

  12. Rochelle

    mig amu da – ano po meaning nito? salamat

  13. mike

    Ano po I love you so much o mahal na mahal na mahal kta in ilonggo

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  15. ceciliabaysa

  16. ceciliabaysa

  17. Rise

    how to say “miss ko na rin kayo” in ilonggo? TY

  18. Nesi

    anu poh sa ilonggo ang…inip na ako uwi ka na?


  19. Jem

    Ano po yung meaning ng “wala buot”? Thanks!

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