Thanks to Jovi Jaro’s post in You Know You’re From Bacolod, Philippines If… group in Facebook. Feel free to add words and phrases with their meanings.

agogo – ice candy; sherbet
alabuton – moody
alang-alang – hesitant; not yet ripe; not yet cooked; untimely; incomplete
Alcogas – fuel Bacolodnons (and Filipinos) were forced to use during the 70’s world-wide fuel crisis; mixture of gasoline and alcohol
alimpuros – a swirly clump of hair on your head, sa english: cowlick.
alingag-ngag – hard palate part of the mouth
alipunga – daw Tagalog man ni?
alipungoy – ignoramus, mala-autistic mode
ambot – no idea/don’t know
amo guid – that’s right (not to be confused with “amรณ guid” literally meaning “truly a monkey”)
arikis – sores, scabies

bakukang – Kelloid formation of the skin caused by scars
balbal- hit many times with a thing
balika-ot, balik-awot – awkward
batinggilan – hard-headed; stubborn
bayntsingko – twenty-five cents
Bigaon – a tease
bolbol-fine hair
bulid-bulid – describing someone/something rolling on a surface; e.g. like someone rolling down a hill – naga-bulid-bulid siya papanaug.
buki – mediocre; opposite of hip (tigas); bland; not exciting.
buktot – hunchback
bungyod – mound
buragwit – wet shit
Butigon – liar

“castigo militar” – a brutal torture

dagdag – fall from stairs
Daguob – thunder
damuhal/dalok-dalok – greedy
dibla – short for “indi bala” meaning “isn’t that so?”
doldol – stuff inside a pillow, particularly from the cotton tree
dugay-dugay -1) soon 2) very long time 3) every so often (ka klaro noh?๐Ÿ˜€
Dugsing – horseplay
dukol – a strike on the head with one’s knuckles
dusmo – fall on the ground

gabot – pull out
gali? – really?
garit-garit – rubble rouser
guripat – pinching/twisting of the ear (ang bulong sang lipat)
guapa – beautiful/pretty
guapo – beautiful (when referring to an object); handsome (when referring to a male person)
gasnit – to pinch & pullgutrab –
gan-it – to pull (pertaining to the act on someone’s hair)
gin-ot – humid
guni-guni – gossip or hearsay (daw tagalog ni, I think pamatyagan is the proper word in ilonggo)


halok – kiss
Hangag – stupid
haras-haras – rowdy
hilanat – fever
hinupang – puberty
hilabot – to meddle
hilabtera / hilabtero – refers to a person who meddles with someone else’s business
hibubun-ot – angst
hisa – envy
huring huring – hearsay
Hutik – whisper
huray-ad – lying down like no tomorrow

igit – poop, or accidentally shitting in your pants
Igot-igotan – base of the butt
ilok – armpit
isdog – to move from one’s location; to move aside
iti – bird droppings
itip – dead; done

Janay – wait a second. can also be spelled as dianay.
jutay – small, few; similar to “gamay”.

kadol – hit on the head
kagkag – unkept hair
kalabera – skeleton
kalawgaw – funny
kamkam – touched
kaon – eat
karubkob – ribs or boney parts
kaskas – trying hard
Kibol – corn or callous on the fingers or toes
kilid-kilid – just about anywhere
kisi-kisi – to have a fit; to shake uncontrollably
kuriit – cringe
kurikong – some skin disease but also slang for “correct”
kuripot – miserly
kuritot – small
kusi – pinch
kut-kut – dig; to dig
kutaw-kutaw – joker/comedian

labutaw – joker/comedian
Lagtok – hard-headed
langa-ang – slight fever
langlang – moron
laot – run after
libagon – out of tune; off-key
libak – gossip
Lingling – take a peek
linti – lightning; expression of disgust
liso – seed
lisรบ – turn; twist
lubag – twist
langas langas – crass

Mananggiti – coconut man
Mango – not gifted with intelligence or simply stupid.
Man-og – snake
Manol – ignorant, uneducated
Maoy – rudely drunk
Marauton – moody
Meron – kibitzer (usually in mahjong)
Mitlang – say or mention
Muta – mote

nan – That’s it!

ol-ol – bark
os-os – sliding
Otot – fart; breaking wind; release human-made gas

Pabiti – slang for playing loud music
Paduding – flirting
Pagutpot – not in perfect working order; almost like “guba-on”
Paka – frog
Pakdol – hit on the head
Palagpat – guesswork
palangga – dear (as endearment)
pampam – prostitute
Pangadi – to pray (also pronounced panga-ji, “j” as in jail)
Patigas – showing off
Perdegones – lead shots (inside a shotgun cartridge)
pilit – coerced
Pinasahi – unique
pispis – bird
Pisitas – 20 centavos
Pisos – one peso
Piswit – squirt
Pitaka – wallet or purse
Piyak-balay – 1) your neighbor’s house you used for hang-out more than your own. mas namit ila pag-kaon (similar to tupad-balay). 2) half a house, usually caused by a quarreling family. (can also be spelled pihak-balay); 3) literally, the other house
Pong-it – booger
Pugday – breakdown
Pungko – sit down
Puroy – syort pants
Puto – 1) rice cake. 2) bankrupt

quan – alternative word akin to “watchamacallit”

rikobetos – “much ado about nothing”?
Ragumo – Crunch
Ragu-ok – refers to the sound of stomach esp when hungry

Sabad – annoying; disturbance
sagad-sagad – expert
Sakam or Sakam-sakam – 1) taken in it’s in entirety. 2) direct hit or full impact. Such as, “Sakam-sakam gid pag sumbag ko. Sakam gid iya ulo”
Solisas – a plan gone wrong or someone caught guilty in the act or after by someone else. In any case, you’re in trouble.
Sturya Kuris-Kuris – stories that don’t make sense.
Subay – ant
sud-an – viand
suksuk – wear
sum-od – tiring

“Tag balay” – 1) Ilonggo version of “Anybody home?”. Best used if accompanied with door knocking action. 2) occupant
talaka – boring
tarso – joker/comedian
“Teh mo” – Usually an answer to a question you don’t want to answer or you don’t know the real answer to; may mean “Just because”. This doesn’t warrant further explanation.
Tikal – to boast
tik-tik – sound of a witch
Timus-timus – stye
tingig –
tongtong – put on top
torpe – dull, stupid, rude, awkward, clumsy, slow
tuis – guilty or caught
tuli – circumcise
tutuli – earwax

Ukot – wrinkled
ulay – virgin
ungas – idiot
Untat – stop
uyab – slang for boyfriend/girlfriend


waay-waay – no good
waswas – 1) to strike 2) wife (slang)
wigit – 1) drop 2) fall behind 3) get left behind


yawa – devil
yo de ha – coined from “iho de p__” but used in a different connotation, usually in admiration
yogs – coined from “Yots” –self explainatory..lol