Super Mario

(Tatay and his eldest apo, Leanne)

Today marks the 150th birthday of our National Hero Dr. Jose Rizal. We also celebrate and honor our Haligi ng Tahanan, our fathers. We grew up that Tatay is only with us every Christmas, New Year, Holy Week. This has been our setup since he is working outside of Bacolod. Even though we see him only every after 5 months or so, we still feel that he is with us always. He never misses a special occasion in our lives. When we look at our graduation photo, we noticed that he wore the same polo from my graduation to Jecel and Marshall and Carlo’s college graduation. He did not make feel that we don’t have a father, physically maybe, but it never bothered us. We grew up thinking that Tatay is just working outside of the city and every decision in the family we should still consult him and even made the final decision.

(Tatay and baby Dash)

We are very proud of Tatay. He made sure that everyone of us understands the value of education. He said that this is the only wealth that they can give us. When we were studying and when he is at home, he made sure to wait for us in Bangga Subay to make sure that we will home safe. Tatay is also makulit especially if he had a drink. He drinks occasionally and I’m happy that he is not like my uncles that wakes up and sleeps beside cases of beers. Nangangagat at nangingiliti sya pag lasing. He usually says sorry that he is drunk and we usually laugh at him when he do that. We did not feel that he loved one more that the other. We are loved and cared equally. He is our SUPER MARIO!!

Tatay and Nanay (Super Mario and Celia Jones)


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