My Tsinelas

I started this collection when I received my first tsinelas key chain from my former office mate Joan. She went to Singapore and she gave me this red rubber key chain slippers. When I went home to Bacolod, I then bought tsinelas key chain during Masskara festival and 2 slippers coin purse. My fiends then started to give me tsinelas key chains when they went anywhere in the Philippines and even in Asia. Some thought that I’ve already been to those places and bought souvenirs to add to my collections but most of my tsinelas really came from friends. I am really happy that they remember me during their vacation and bought me tsinelas that I place in my pedestal.

Since they sometimes have a hard time looking for key chains, they replace it with tsinelas magnets. Hong Kong magnet came from Mitch. I was also happy that when my supervisor went to California, she brought me the Santa Cruz tsinelas. Even the supervisors from Toronto that saw my collection was amazed by how many tsinelas I have. Cons also gave me the San Francisco magnet and I bought the Bacolod one.

It started with tsinelas, then any knickknacks from my friends and colleagues on anywhere they went. Thank you guys for these and I am still open for donations. 🙂