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With all the debate about the controversial RH Bill, I think that we should look at the pros and cons of this bill before we take a stand. Me personally, I am pro-RH Bill. This bill gave women choice and freedom.

Here are what others say about RH Bill:

I support RH Bill because..
I want every Filipino woman empowered with information regarding all options available to her regarding family planning. I want every Filipino to be armed with the right education regarding their bodies in context of sex and reproduction; to exercise their free will in ensuring the quality of life base on their own personal, religious and moral convictions and beliefs; and to have a fighting chance at a better life. – Lea Salonga

Ang RH bill kasi, hindi lang ito issue tungkol sa promotion ng contraceptives at ng population control. Tungkol din ito sa health services at education para sa mga kababaihan na mas mahalaga. Yun ang nilalaman ng tunay na reproductive health bill. Ang kalusugan ng ina at ng bata ang pinaka-importante sa lahat para sa akin. I stand for responsible relationship[s]. Planado, pero hindi nakakapinsala ng buhay. – Angel Locsin via Twitter

I think I am the only senator who filed an RH Bill in the Senate. My version of the RH Bill adheres to international human rights standards by providing that reproductive health care is part of the right to health. The RH Bill also upholds the principles of gender equality, equity and women’s empowerment. – Sen. Miriam Defensor-Santiago via Twitter

I support the RH bill because women should have a choice of either modern [or] natural family planning and youth [should] receive age-appropriate RH education.

I support RH Bill because my late husband and I practiced natural family planning, and every woman and couple should have the same right of choice of either modern or natural family planning or a combination of both. I support the RH Bill because I talk with my children (almost all of them teenagers) about relationships and sexuality and all adolescents should also be properly informed and oriented by their teachers about subjects according to their age and level of maturity. RH Bill equals women, choice, life! – Rep. Risa Hontiveros via Twitter and email

Without a doubt! But there are several bills [I’ve] been an advocate [of] since forever. I believe poor couples should be given access to modern contraceptives if they choose to use them. [I] absolutely support use of modern contraception. – Ces Drilon via Twitter

There is a need to manage population growth. Government can no longer be wishy-washy on population/reproductive health policy. Filipinos have more than doubled in number over these last 35 years and our population may reach 100 million by 2015. Government must forge a national consensus on population management – H. E. Fidel V. Ramos

I support the RH Bill because it’s an essential human right and the root key to the solving the cycle of poverty in this country. Everything is interconnected. No matter how MUCH money and effort we put into rehabilitating our natural environment, educating our people, providing employment, and assuring food security, it will all be compromised if we do not address infant mortality, maternal health, sexual education, and population management. – Carlos Celdran

I support the RH Bill because I believe that sexual health is ONE word and not two words that exist independently of the other. I believe that access to information and services about sexual health is everyone’s right; rather than the privilege of a chosen few. I believe in the power of informed choice – Ana Santos (founder and editorial director of SexandSensibilities.com)

I support the RH Bill because I believe that the ultimate decision of how many children the couple should have remains between the husband and wife, because they alone know how best to maintain harmony and love they have for one another their children. Since it is the woman who bears the fetus in her womb, I believe that she more than a man has the absolute right to know how to best control her reproductive powers, and decide how many she should bear, during the act of procreation, by using those methods that are healthful to her wellbeing. – Loida Nicolas Lewis

I support RH Bill because of 3 reasons:
1. As a matter of equity – It ensures that all Filipinos irrespective of economic status and religion have access to vital health information and services.
2. As a matter of human rights – It affords Filipino families, particularly women, choices on the timing and interval of bearing children.
3. Common sense economics – at family (micro) level and government policy (macro) level planning family size according to one’s means allows for a more predictable basis for resource allocation.
Dr. Alberto G. Romualdez Jr.

Eleven Filipino women, mostly poor, die daily from these causes. This is tantamount to massacre of poor women and must be stopped. A national, rights -biased and pro-poor RH law will make needed services accessible to poor women. These services include family planning, mobile health clinics, upgrading of health facilities, training of more birth attendants, basic emergency obstetric care and comprehensive emergency obstetric care. All these will contribute in saving women’s lives. – Elizabeth Angsioco

The RH Bill allows women their own personal power to manage their own sexual health. It educates them and ensures freedom of choice. Voice of hundreds of women have been loud through the years, but have been hushed or pushed away. How many more women need to suffer? The volume increased and is being heard. – Joey Mead


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