I attended a friend’s wedding last Saturday in Calaruega, Batangas. I really love the wedding. They played Richard Poon’s songs as their wedding march.

The Homily given by the officiating priest is so inspiring. According to him, the secret of a successful marriage for the couple to have “happy moments” every day. This is not a GRAND moment but a simple one that will be built as the years pass. If the wife does household chores, the husband will volunteer to throw the garbage. If the husband comes home from work, the can give him a message to ease the day’s stress. These happy moments if done daily will over power what ever bad times the couple will go through. The Priest also mentioned that if any of the couple is frustrated about each other; just remember that they are not the Boss. Not the husband or the wife is the boss in the marriage. Jesus is the Boss!

When he mentioned that he doesn’t like the Misalet and Invitation, most of us were stunned because they have a unique wedding invitation. What the Priest mentioned is that, the couple needs to send a new wedding invitation to all present and the date on the invitation is March 19, 2036. The couple should renew their vows 25 years later.

As a couple, you also need to make sure to have a “couple time”. You need to go out on a date constantly. Go out like they are still boyfriend and girlfriend. Don’t talk about financial problems. He also mentioned to go the same place and take pictures of themselves together within the next ten years. Compile them and see what they have become within 10 years of marriage.

With what we are experiencing today where we have a lot of broken marriages, this is a very important lesson to ponder. As a single woman, this inspires me to still dream of having a successful married life.


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